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Ep. 01 Being Brave With Abbie McG: Heidi Symonds, The Healthy Godmother

February 20, 2017

I'm pleased to introduce you to Heidi Symonds, The Healthy Godmother of Heidi is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach who believes that, much like training for a race or a “big game”, every day we must learn to practice nourishing ourselves in a way that keeps us feeling great and in gratitude for our amazing lives. She creates and shares delicious, healthy recipes and delivers tips and tricks as short videos on her website and social media pages weekly. Heidi grew up in Cumberland Foreside and now resides in Portland, Maine with her husband and (fluffy) puppies.

We’ll talk about the myth of warrior-style bravery and give you a different picture of what living a brave life really looks like. See, I’ve come to realize that there’s a myth about bravery - that bravery looks strong, fierce and warrior-like - and I want to show listeners that bravery is not only about exhibiting strength, but also about authenticity (being who you REALLY are), setting boundaries (knowing what your value is), and acknowledging fear and vulnerability (showing emotions and talking about your story). I’ve seen time and time again that when we get to know ourselves, share our stories, and allow ourselves to be vulnerable as well as strong, we come out more courageous on the other side.

It is my hope that the stories shared on "Being Brave With Abbie McG" will inspire you to push through the doubt, believe in your authentic self, and become just a little more brave with your own life.

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